The Walk

Acknowledgement Page

On behalf of the group I should like to acknowledge and thank the following:

Stuart at Walking Places Without Stuart’s help and advice, I would never have got this website off the ground. Thank you Stuart.

Sherpavan Baggage Transfer, they provided us with an excellent service

Angel Podiatry - Mrs Celia Drakard DPodM HPC Registered Podiatrist has been my podiatrist for a number of years and prepared my feet for the hammering they were about to get. Mr Ian Drakard, BSc (Pod) HPC Registered Podiatrist sorted out the insoles in my boots by adding an orthotic to each boot, these helped considerable and there were no aching knees, back or hips for me.

Timberwolf sponsored Jenny, Val and I in raising funds for the two wheelchairs, they also provided each member of the group with a baseball cap, to keep out the sun….. we didn’t see too much of that though!

GPS Training. Having decided that my navigation skills were not as good as they should be for such a walk, and the fact that I was going to be responsible for getting four other people from one side of England to the other, I needed some help.

I took a weekend course at, staying at with a group of other like minded people. The course was excellent and Peter Judd was a first rate leader, encouraging and motivating us all, ensuring that we understood the basics of hill walking. We were taken up to Lingy Hut in terrible weather conditions and taught how to navigate in low visibility.

Safety on the hill was something that Peter made sure we understood and instilled in us that we should not go on the hill unprepared, and not to take chances. Something that some members of my own group could not understand and would not accept!

My husband and son bought me a GPS, and the memory maps for my 60th birthday, and Jenny purchased one section of the maps that we hadn’t got, Val bought me a map carrying case.

I should like to thank Tim and Matt for their encouragement and gratitude, they made our walk all the more worthwhile, with the fact that we were able to raise £1,500 between three of us for their wheelchairs.

Thank you Gunnerside WI for a great lunch on a wet walk, it was much appreciated.

I must also thank Malcolm Millan for the loan of the Wainwrights map for the first half of the walk.

A big thank you to Don and Carolyn (friends of Jenny), our drivers to St. Bees and back from Robin Hood’s Bay. They made the journey relaxing and took the worry of travel away from us. We just sat back and took in the scenery. What a lovely couple.

A big thank you to all those who sponsored us for this walk, all three causes are worthwhile and it’s good to know that people will help in this way. The generosity from the general public is an inspiration and kept us going through those tough climbs, wet days and days when we were extremely tired.

Finally I should like to thank my husband Keith, son Colin, daughter-in-law Lara, and grandson James, for their support and belief in me. Their encouragement and understanding that I needed to be out training instead of spending time with them, was so helpful. Dinner was often waiting for me when I had been out all day, and there was never a complaint from anyone. Thank you all so very much.

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